AirPods Pro 2 to offer two size options, unlikely rumour suggests

Chris Smith

Could Apple be planning to launch the AirPods Pro 2 in two different size configurations? An alleged component leak has raised the question ahead of a probable refresh in 2021.

A Twitter leaker with a mixed record of predictions has shared what he says are system-on-a-chip housing for the H1 processor, raising the unlikely spectre of two different sized AirPods Pro 2 options next year.

As Apple Insider points out, the leaker known as Mr. White mistakenly refers to the component as a W2 processor, but the implication remains. The images seem to show shorter cables for the components on the right side of the images, which he suggests could mean AirPods Pro 2 may rock up with more than one size option.

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This comes amid rumours that Apple is working on a new design that would eliminate the stems completely. A recent Bloomberg report said a design that “fills more of a user’s ear” is being tested, which means it could opt for a design that more closely resembles the buds from the likes of Google and Samsung. It could be that Apple plans to offer users a choice of designs.

However, reports have also suggested Apple isn’t having much joy in shrinking down the design so it’s possible these chip housings may represent the company simply preparing for both eventualities.

The second-generation AirPods Pro earbuds are expected in the first half of 2021, according to recent speculation.

It’s possible the next-gen AirPods Pro could also bring features like Spatial Audio and auto switching akin to those featured within the AirPods Max over-ear headphones. It’s possible Apple will look to boost battery life and improve the excellent noise cancelling tech within the AirPods Pro too. A design change might be the biggest update overall if Apple pulls it off.

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