Amateur-Blogs Origin And Mistakes To Avoid [2020]


Amateur-Blogs can be referred to those blogs which are being managed by the Amateur bloggers or newbies in the blogging field. It is because newbies have no/less experience while working on their blogs, as a result, such blogs are known as Amateur-Blogs.

New Bloggers face a lot of difficulties to rank higher on search results while starting their Blogging career.

Amateur-Blogs Origin

The amateur blog’s origin is as obvious as the inexperienced or newbie blogger in this field. Please don’t take the term “amateur-blogs” in a negative manner, as it is unavoidable, every new blogger begins with an amateur blog, but if they keep learning and don’t give up they ultimately become a pro blogger.

However, it can take a lot of time for some bloggers and very less for others to succeed in the field of blogging, newbies have many questions in their mind like which Blogger Vs WordPress. Read the following article to read about various blogging platform and the right one for you.

Mistakes To Avoid Being an Amateur Blogger

If you really want to become a pro blogger then you will have to avaoid the following mistakes that every newbie commits and nobody tells them to realize and avoid.

1. Select the right Niche and stick to it, give 100% value to users in your niche.

2. Choose a top domain , .org, .in, .net etc. and avoid free domains,etc.

3. Don’t go for a free or cheap hosting.

4. Do not copy content from other sites, even if you do make sure to give credit.

5. Make sure that you blog design is optimized and as unique as possible.

6. DO focus on your ON-Page and Off-Page SEO.

6. Do SHARE YOUR CONTENT at various social media platform like facebook, medium, etc.

7. Do not ignore link building, do build your backlinks in the right way.

8. Be Consistent in writing contenet for your blog.

9. Try to publish a useful post in a week than a piece of shit everyday.

10. Be dedicated and never give up!

That’s it, I hope you have understood about amateur blogs. I m sure you will become a pro if you follow the points mentioned above.

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