Apex Legends Season 8 arrives early next month with a brand new playable character

Jade King

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have announced Apex Legends Season 8, and exactly what players can expect from the huge update when it arrives in February. 

This will mark the battle royale’s first major update of 2021, and it’s set to be a rather beefy one judging from today’s announcement. Coming to all available platforms on February 2, the new season will be known as Mayhem, which fits the attitude of its new playable hero. 

Respawn has confirmed that Fuse will be the 16th legend to enter the arena, a wise-cracking dude with a love for explosives, as you might expect with a name like that. You can find out more about the character’s backstory and aesthetic in the trailer below: 

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In addition to a new legend, Season 8 will also introduce a new lever action rifle known as the 30-30 Repeater alongside the third major overhaul for King’s Canyon, otherwise known as the very first map to grace Apex Legends. 

A new season also means the arrival of a new battle pass, which will once again feature a selection of skins, voice lines, banners and other cosmetics for players to earn over the coming weeks. I’m always a sucker for cool skins, so fingers crossed this new pass will impress. 

Further information on the next season will likely emerge in the coming days as Respawn Entertainment gets players hyped up for the weeks to come. Apex Legends always does an excellent job with its seasonal updates, and I imagine this one won’t be much different.

I revisited Apex Legends during the pandemic with an updated review, scoring it a well deserves 4.5/5: “Apex Legends remains one of the finest examples of battle royale in the medium and has only propelled itself to lofty new heights since crashing onto the scene back in 2019. Its future continues to look tremendously bright, with Respawn Entertainment listening intently to fans and building upon an already stellar foundation.”

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