5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Hot Water


“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.”

Lord Buddha

Wise People always follow healthy eating and drinking habits.Before getting know about the benefits of drinking hot water, let’s talk a little about why does it matter for our “Health”?

Good Health is very essential for happiness and well being of an individual.

We can say it’s a necessary condition for a prosperous life even when a man has everything else like enough money and privileges.

But the question mark is how to achieve and maintain that Good Health?

Well, now there are various factors which contribute to good health and well being of an individual. Yes, and that is habit of drinking hot water.

In this article, I am going to write about one such an important factor (i.e, benefits of drinking hot water)which can prevent you from various diseases that adversely affect your state of well-being.

Drinking Hot Water-Why?

Drinking Cold water helps to quench thirst but drinking hot water makes us free from various diseases.

Benefits of drinking hot water

You may be wondering that 70% of our body contains water and drinking hot water means what? That we should drink warm water throughout the day..?

No. It only means to say that you should drink hot water at least every day in the morning. By doing this you can get rid of many diseases.

But if you don’t know the real benefits of drinking hot water in the morning so keep reading to know about the benefits of drinking hot water.

Here’s a detailed list of 5 benefits of drinking hot water with Explanation:

1.Removes Toxic substances from our body

Benefits of drinking hot water

 In our body, there are unnoticeable impurities and toxic substances which might have entered our body through consumption of various fried food items. These fried food items could be fast foods like pizza, burgers, noodles etc.

Hot water helps in removing such toxic substances from the body that can give birth to various harmful diseases in long run.

2. Prevents from Constipation and Acidity.

Benefits of drinking hot water

If you are suffering from constipation, acidity and problem in food digestion then this tip is for you.

Firstly, drink 1 or 2 glasses of warm water in the morning just after waking up in an empty stomach.

Then, You have to drink hot water 20 minutes before and after having your morning and evening meal.

If you will follow this tip continuously for a month, then you will be able to notice that your problem of constipation and acidity has totally vanished now.

3.A solution for Food Intolerance, Heavy stomach, and less hunger

Benefits of drinking hot water

If you are facing problems like food intolerance, heavy stomach or less hunger then you can apply this tip.

You have to drink a glass of warm water with added one lemon,1teaspoon of black tea and black salt during morning time.

If you will apply this process for 10 to 15 days then gradually you will feel relief from the problem of heavy stomach, food intolerance etc.

4.Drink hot water during Fever

Benefits of drinking hot water

If you are suffering from fever then you should not drink cold water.

One should stop fever patient from drinking cold water. You should advise him/her to drink hot water during fever.

Fever patient should not drink cold water because cold water consists of many bacteria which leads to more weakness in the body.

And you might have already heard that heating water kills all impurities or bacteria from it.

That’s why you should drink hot water during fever to recover faster.

5.Beneficial in Losing Weight

Benefits of drinking hot water

If you can to lose your weight then also warm water is very beneficial for it.

You have to drink 1 glass of water with added lemon juice every morning.

This will help you to lose weight because this process decreases the metabolism of body and burns calories as well.

So if you want to burn your calories then you must follow this tip regularly.


Moreover,drinking hot water also provides energy.In this process of drinking hot water for various health benefits,you might don’t like the taste of warm water but if you will follow these tips then these are definately going to solve your stomach related problems.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Any suggestion from all readers will be cordially welcomed. So give your valuable suggestion or feedback regarding this article in the comment section below.

Thank You.

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