Top 10 Best Punjabi Action Movies Of All Time

best punjabi action movies

Most of the Punjabi movies are popular as best Punjabi comedy movies but there are Punjabi movies to be termed as Best Punjabi Action Movies as well.

If you are looking for a list of Best Punjabi Action Movies then you are at the right post, we will list out some of the top action movies in Punjabi.

So, we will not talk much about Punjabi movies, let’s start the one by one list that you are looking for.

10 Best Punjabi Action Movies

Sikandar 2

This movie was released in 2019. Believe me, if you are looking for action in punjabi movies go watch it, and there is a surprise for you about this movie, keep reading.

The story of sikandar 2 revolves around the college politics and the power associated with it. A brother’s big brother comes back in his raged form yo protect the younger brother who was being harassed in the college.

And the surprise is that this movie is available on youtube, we have embedded it above, by clicking the play button you can watch it free.

The Great Sardaar

Best punjabi action movies

The story of the new Punjabi film Great Sardaar is based on the real hero Major Shaitaan Singh. Major was awarded the prestigious Param Vir Chakra Prize by his Company C during the Sino-Indian War in 1962.

Yograj Singh played the title role of Major Shaitaan Singh, who was qualified for the United States as the Great Sardar Society due to his size and work. such circumstances

After the title of the film, Great Sardaar will teach the importance of Sardar and Sardari and increase respect for the turban in society.


Top 10 Best Punjabi Action Movies Of All Time

DSP Dev movie’s story is around a corrupt officer who goes through a series of events to finally realize that he shouldn’t be what he has become.

After all, this film is about his struggle with the political gangsters and his ultimate victory. The vision of director Mandeep Benipal to create a unique product from this commercial crime film deserves applause.

Not everyone knows how to connect different subframes and create a winning product. At a time when Bollywood, South Industry, and even the Punjabi industry have explored the police field too much, this man presents this film and shows that even a well-established formula can be presented in a unique way if the director’s vision is clear is enough.

Subedar Joginder Singh

Top 10 Best Punjabi Action Movies Of All Time

Subedar Joginder Singh is the story of an Indian soldier who is one of the 21 recipients of the Param Vir Chakra from India. Subedar Joginder Singh, a soldier of the 1st Battalion of the Sikh Regiment, is shown and remembered in history because he fought bravely in the Indochina War.

Although he received very little help from the High Command. The regiment soon ran out of ammunition, but this did not stop them from fighting.

Gippy Grewal of “Angrezi Beat” can be seen as how he is beaten by the audience for it. This is Gippy Grewal’s first film since her Bollywood debut in Lucknow Central and she has had her “avocado” fair.

While there are times when acting seems exaggerated, GippKamaljeet Singh from y has managed to stage the film well with her patriotically charged dialogues and action sequences like Border.


Top 10 Best Punjabi Action Movies Of All Time

Gippy Grewal’s protagonist “Daaka” was released in 2019. The film is a suspense thriller with a hint of comedy and romance.

If you are wondering whether you should spend your precious weekend watching “Daaka” or not, we suggest you can watch it.

Gippy Grewal played a great role in many other punjabi films like singh vs kaur.


Top 10 Best Punjabi Action Movies Of All Time

Singham is one of the best Punjabi action movies, a Punjabi action film released on August 9, 2019. The film is being shot by Navneet Singh. The film plays the famous Punjabi singer, the only Parmish Verma.

Singham is a new official version of the Bollywood hit Ajay Devgan Singham, which has performed well in cinemas and is now released in the Punjabi language.

Parmish Verma also had a fantastic performance at Rocky Mental. The great singer, who was popular in a short time, started his career with the super hit Gaal ni kadni and received great reactions. I have to say that he did very well in the film.

Punjab Singh

Top 10 Best Punjabi Action Movies Of All Time

The plot of the movie is Amritsar, Punjab, India, was ruled by a Mafia Don Lally Sarkaria played by Kuljinder Sidhu. In this scan, Punjab Singh (Gurjind Maan) comes to this city to make a living, but an incident changed his life and he also became a gangster, but with the mission of exterminating Lally Sarkaria and his political context.

His childhood friend Arjun Singh, who is now a police officer, tries to prevent him from taking the law into his own hands. Written by Kuljinder Singh Sidhu

Dulla Vailey

Top 10 Best Punjabi Action Movies Of All Time

Dulla Vaily’s film brings together the two masters of all time, Guggu Gill and Yograj Singh. Both are living legends in the industry that date from when most young actors, film directors, weren’t even born.

In times of films like Badla Jatti Da, Ankh Jattan Di, and Jatt Te Zameen, both stars met several times. This led to an impressive audience result as the audience loved this combination and had many opportunities to participate in many films.

Sardar Saab

Top 10 Best Punjabi Action Movies Of All Time

Sardar Joginder Singh aka Sardar Saab (Jackie Shroff) and his younger brother (Guggu Gill) act as messiahs for people who are oppressed by the rich, rich and powerful.

They are not afraid to take law and order into their own hands. Because of his work, Sardar Saab sends his son (Daljeet Kalsi) to New Zealand, who meets Mehak Arora (Neetu Singh) and falls in love with her. Daljeet and Mehak want to marry themselves and their parents before the rituals take place.

As soon as Daljeet arrives in Delhi, Sardar Saab is arrested by the police and killed in a bomb explosion. How Daljeet takes revenge for his murder is the rest of the story.


Top 10 Best Punjabi Action Movies Of All Time

The Ashke film is a story by the boy Desi Jatt “Pamma”, whose character is played by Amrinder Gill. Pamma loves doing bhangra and the whole story is about how her life is affected by the same thing.

Amrinder Gill lived up to his character, and on the other hand Sanjeeda Sheikh, whose debut film is Ashke, is good with her acting and expression skills, but she didn’t impress us with her dialogue.

Roopi Gill needs to work more on her acting skills and forms of expression. Jaswinder Bhalla is amazing as always but has given less screen space.

Final Lines

Okay, so that’s what we have found to be kept in the top 10 as far as best Punjabi action movies are concerned. Now it’s your turn to watch, enjoy, share this post, and suggest other best Punjabi action movies in the comments section below.


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