There are millions of websites on the internet but we explore very few of them because we know very few websites.

so today I am sharing Top 5 really cool sites for guys on the internet that will surely blow your mind.

So here are these 5 websites as follows:

1. You are getting old

Cool websites

This is undoubtedly one of the amazing and cool websites on internet.

After opening the website you just have to type your real Date of birth to get the following results:

●Your Age in years,months and days
●Real timeworld population
●Popular activities when you were born
●The number of times your heart has beaten since your birth
●The number of sighs you have taken since your birth
●Your star sign
●Your birth stone and much more information will be fetched by the website for you and that’s Amazing!

You will feel good to know so much about yourself.Must visit through below link.

Visit website:


cool websites

The link below will take you to explore about the Robo-boogie website in which you will enjoy dancing a robot on the beat.

On opening the website you will have to choose one of the robots which will start dancing as you click over it.

The most interesting thing about this is that you can control the dancing actions of the robot according to your choice through the controlling options provided by the website.

So this one is one of the five interesting and cool websites on the internet.

Visit Robo-boogie:

3.Online Flag Waver

Cool websites

This is also one of the literal mind-blowing cool websites on the internet. It’s a computer generated stimulation which shows a waving flag like a real flag.

The programming of this website is done in such a way that the flag seems to be waiving really with the air.

Again an interesting thing about this flag is that you can completely control and customize the waiving of flag like you can stop wind to make flag stop waiving or you can even set the image on flag according to your wish.

Isn’t it Amazing??

Visit Website:

4.Virtual Control

cool websites

This is a computer generated a virtual arrangement of blocks on a table.

On opening the website you will see a virtual can place blocks over the table just by clicking on it.

After making the arrangement of blocks when you will click on any of the blocks so all the blocks will fall one by one according to the arrangement made by the user.

This entire process seems like you are doing it in reality.

That’s really amazing!! So must visit this really cool website on the internet through given link.

Visit website:

5.Revolving Google

cool websites

This is actually amazing if you want to try a prank on your friend. You can call it another version of Google.

Talking about its specialty is that you will found a revolving webpage if google here and interestingly you will even see the websites revolving that you will search throught revolving google.

Oh my God! It’s really Amazing you must go through it.

Visit website:

I am sure that these websites were really mind-blowing. And what’s your on this article? Let me know in the comment section.

Thank you every reader…

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