FAU-G Apk Game Download & Install After Release 2020

FAU-G Apk Game Download
FAU-G Apk Game Download

FAU-G Apk Game Download: Right now, you have seen that a poster on the internet is going viral at a rapid rate which says the world’s most popular game is an alternative to PUBG and its name is FAUG. Here we will get the same information as what is FAU-G? And when will this game launch?

FAU-G Apk Game Download & Install After Release 2020

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar shared a poster on Twitter, after that it became the most viral topic. Someone talks about it well, someone is funny too.

After PUBG Bann, people have other better options too, but why is there so much shock on social media about it? We will know all this in detail but let’s start by having a small overview.

What is FAU-G Game? (Best Pubg Alternative)

Developed BynCore Games
Launch DateOctober, 2020

Looking at its name, you would think that it was named after the Indian army, which is called by the normal army but not the FAUG is not complete Fearless and United Guards and the short form is FAUG. This is an action game as you would have discovered upon seeing the poster and PUBG has been banned in India so you can consider it as an alternative game to PUBG as well.

Since the poster of FAU-G was shared by Akashy Kumar on his Twitter account, after that you will see most of the posts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Akshay Kumar also mentioned in his tweet that 20% of the winnings from this game will go to the Veer of India, where the families of the martyred soldiers get help.

It is believed that a company named nORE Games is making this game and you will soon be able to see it on Playstore and other app stores. At the moment, the FAUG game is not available for download and play. Hopefully it can hit the market soon.

Recently, the Indian government has banned 118 Chinese apps, including PUBG, and many apps made in India are now being promoted to cover users. FAUG is known as an alternative to PUBG. This is an app developed in India which is PUBG (Players Unknown Battle Ground). Will be similar to

Note: The app is not yet available on Google Playstore (Android users) and App Store (iOS users).

FAU-G Game Category

  • The FAU-G game was announced by Indian publisher nCore Games.
  • The launch of the FAU-G game comes after the ban on PUBG mobiles in India.
  • The game was developed under the mentorship of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar.

According to News18’s print news, this will be an action war game (whether or not like PUBG or not), which is being built on Indian security forces. This game will have levels in which you will have to play the war game with national and international threats.

It is believed that this FAUG game is completely based on different operations of the Indian force, which will be seen at different levels. But now a question arises?

How To FAU-G Apk Game Download

Now you have to wait a bit to download the FauG game app. Right now the FauG gaming app motion poster has been posted by supeerstar Akshay Kumar as I told you above.

FAUG Game Download links Here – Available Soon

The FauG gaming app (best pubg alternative) will be released in October 2020.

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FAQ’s About FAU-G Game

What is the objective behind he FAU-G Game Launch?

The objective of the government behind the launch of the FAU-G ( Fauji) Game, is to make the citizens aware of brave Indian soldiers’ accomplishments. Moreover, a 10% of game revenue share will be shared to the barve martyrs family of Indian Army.

What is Full Form Of FAU-G?

The full form of FAU-G is Fearless And United Guards.

When is FauG Launching?

FauG will be launching in India in October 2020

What is Pubg Best Alternative?

FauG could be the best alternative of Pubg.

What is release Date of FauG?

FauG game is expected to release in the end of october 2020.


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