How To GenerateTraffic to Your Blog?


Generate traffic to your blog: Many of the beginners in the field of blogging end up when they didn’t get traffic to their blogs.

They just start thinking that it’s none of worthy. It’s because most of the people start blogging just for the sake of money.

But let me clear this conception that blogging is never a platform to earn quick money.

If you have started a blog to earn fast then you are wasting your valuable time. But it’s not like you will never get profit from it.

No doubt you will start earning in the long run. But for that, you have to work passionately and have patience.

But if you are really delivering good content and even then not getting good traffic. So today I am sharing 5 SEO tricks to generate traffic to your blog.

It is 100% sure that these tricks will boost up traffic to your blog.

So 5 tricks to get traffic to your blog are as follows:


generate traffic to your blog

First and the most important thing that matters in proper SEO of Your blog is Content.

Many new bloggers just copy the content from the internet and they post it in their blog(plagiarism).

This is totally unacceptable by the google, your blog will never get adsense approvel if you do so.

Your content should be original and based on your own ideas and research.

Master tip from me:-if you ran out of ideas. Then you can ask your subscribers or followers on social media that what type of information or what type of material they want to read about, this will bring you plenty of ideas and topics to write your blog about. And you can generate traffic to your blog.

2.Content Promotion

generate traffic to your blog

After writing a nice SEO friendly blog Content promotion is an effective way to bring huge traffic to your blog.

There are many tools known as content promotion tools through which you can bring traffic to your blog. These tools are as follows:

¡) Social Media

Best way to get traffic to your new blog is promoted through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

generate traffic to your blog

You can create a page on every social media platform. By posting about your every blog post in that page you can generate a huge following on social media. And generate traffic to your new blog.

So do share permalink of your blog in these social media platforms.

¡¡)Question/Answer Sites

The second method that I would suggest is to share your blog link in the question answer websites.
The best example is, visit this question answer website and search for questions related to your blog post.

generate traffic to your blog

In search results, you have to give a start to your answer and then paste the link of your website for more information regarding that topic.

This will redirect the visitors to that particular problem or information to your website and your blog will generate traffic.

There are many other question answer websites. There you can paste the link of your blog. And redirect traffic to your blog from that question answer website

¡¡¡)Bookmarking Sites

You can find many bookmarking sites by searching on google. Some of the top bookmarking sites are like, these websites people specially visit to read the content.

generate traffic to your blog

Here you can submit your blog link to create link building or you can also submit the content of your blog with a suitable title. In this way, you can generate traffic for the new blog.

So these are the methods above through which you can generate traffic to your blog.

Make sure that you have to follow these methods again and again.

And you have to promote your earlier posts also again and again.

If you will do so it will surely bring you huge traffic.

Moreover, I believe that this article will definitely help you to generate more traffic to your blog.

I hope you didn’t regret spending your precious time reading this post and found it really helpful.

You can put your valuable comments in the comment box regarding this post.

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