What is Google Ultron?


According to sources, Google Ultron is an advanced version of the Google Chrome web browser, powered by Adobe Reader. It is used only by the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA).

Advanced Features Of Google Ultron

It is made so advanced, unlike any other web browser. These are the features that make Google Ultron an exception:

Can Function at Zero-Gravity

It can function even in zero-gravity, that too without any errors. That is why it is used by NASA in space.

Provides Advanced Security

Ultron provides advanced security from various online threats that no other browser can prevent.

Google ultron
Image Source: devRant

For Example, the new version of Ultron provides Safety Fallback Feature. If the computer is infected by any virus, it will automatically delete itself and adobe reader, redirecting you to the default internet explorer, thus keeping you safe.

Bypass Feature

Bypass feature of google Ultron takes your surfing into a whole incognito world leaving no history or records at all.

Download RAM

Nothing can be more interesting than increasing your RAM by just downloading it. Google Ultron allows downloading RAM.


As of now, this is the only information we have about Google Ultron. Since, this is a highly secured browser which is used only by NASA, there very little information available about it on the internet.

For more info, Check out Google Forums.

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When did Google Ultron launched?

Probabily after the Age of Ultron in 2015, but exact launch date is unknown.

Who uses Google Ultron?

It is used by NASA.



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