Gunah Sidhu Moose Wala Full Movie Download, Amrit Maan New Punjabi Movie

Gunah Sidhu Moose Wala Full Movie Download

Gunah Sidhu Moose Wala Full Movie Download: The latest news update from the pollywood industry is that Siddhu Moose Wala and Amrit Maan have announced a new film on their birthday, it will be co-star by both SIdhu Moose Wala and Amrit Maan.

The Bambiha Bole Song of this movie is already released yesterday and has crossed 5 million views in just one day.

Gunah Sidhu Moose Wala Full Movie Download

The film Gunah will be directed by the director of film Rabb da Radio and Daana Paani i.e Taranveer Jagpal. It is to inform you that Taranvir has also directed the Sidhu Moose Wala’s Yes I am Student Movie.

Bambiha Bole Mp3 Song Download

Gunah film will be written by famous Gill Rontaa who has written many popular songs as well. Gill Rontaa have also directed the dubue film of Sidhu Moose Ala Yes I am Student. Now this one I the second movie of Sidhu Moose Wala being written and directed by Taranveer and Gill Rontaa.

The film was announced on the occasion of Sidhu Moose Wala’s Birthday in night around 12 o clock.

The shooting of this movie will begin soon after the lockdown ends and it will probabily release in 2021.

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