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This was the topic gives to us frequently by our professor when I was in my training where we have to undergo graduation in BA/BSC degree. I was in BA stream and our one of the subject was economics. These are my personal views as an army person, hope you will get some idea about this topic. For the better ease and understanding, I will put forward my views in point form, this will make the reader understand well and do not get bored. I will be short and crisp and as simple as I can.

  1. Big entrepreneurs and industrialists around the world only invest in those countries where they will find their money and investment safe. Indian defense forces make our country round the clock safe from internal and external security issues so that our country remains safe and prosper.
  2. Today our country has improved its position in ease of doing business index.this is just a joint effort of defense forces and our honorable PM policies. our country is one of the strongest and fastest growing economies in the world .so our country is one of the safest one due to our strong security foothold in the world.
  3. Defense forces are also doing a great job by using their soft power like the initiation of various schemes in disturbed areas and making them safe and motivating and giving opportunities to come out of this disturbance and grow freely.
  4. Nation building is the combined task of the efficient public and effective government and they can only effectively work when there is no disturbance internally and externally and they will find a quiet and peaceful atmosphere to prosper.
  5. National power and national interest are two different aspects but they are interrelated to each other.all the citizens of India have a common national goal and national interest that is to make.India is a proud and at first place. But national power leads to fulfilling national interest. And defense forces constitutes the national power.
At last just to conclude I just want to say that the country with strong defense forces portrays as the strong nation in world scenario.

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