How To Find A Lost Android Phone without Using Any Third-Party App | Ultimate Guide


There is a bunch of applications on the Google Play Store which can be a lifeline in the event that you need to locate a lost telephone or search for query How To Find A Lost Android Phone. Yet, numerous individuals may just understand that there are such applications AFTER it got lost.

At that point, it, for the most part, is past the point of no return and you need to confront the revolting truth that the telephone is away for good.

To locate a lost Android telephone it normally still needs a working web association so as to transmit its area. To get the best area results it should have a functioning association with a WiFi arrange.

Whatever your circumstance may be, we’ll cover here the most widely recognized choices just as increasingly out of the container ways to deal with cover additionally edge cases.

How To Find lost Android Phone Using Google’s own Products(Step by Step Guide)

1. Discover your telephone utilizing Google’s Find My Device


  • Your gadget is associated with your Google account.
  • Your gadget approaches the web.
  • Permitted Find My Device to find your gadget (turned on as a matter of course). This can changed in the Google Settings application.
  • Permitted Find My Device to bolt your gadget and delete its information (killed as a matter of course).

Discover My Device is Google’s legitimate and simple to-utilize apparatus to follow your lost Android telephone or tablet. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to introduce an application to probably follow your gadgets.

The main prerequisite is that your Android telephone is associated with your Google account, turned on and associated with the web. You should simply visit the Find My Device site while being signed into your Google Account.

ow to find a lost android phone

When the site is stacked it will consequently attempt to find your lost telephone. In the event that you habe a few Android gadgets enrolled, ensure the correct one is picked in the menu.

In an ongoing refresh, Google actualized a portion of the highlights into their indexed lists page. This implies you’re ready to rapidly find any enlisted Android gadget directly from the list items.

By utilizing the search query “where is my telephone”, Google shows a little guide over the indexed lists in which it will endeavor to locate your lost Android telephone. Whenever found, you can give it a chance to ring by tapping on “Ring” Option.

In spite of the fact that this makes it progressively advantageous to locate your lost telephone rapidly, it won’t offer all of you the alternatives you get with the full interface of Find My Device.

how to find a lost android phone

By utilizing it, you can follow your enlisted Android gadgets, let your telephone ring and wipe your telephone’s information (which must be empowered on your telephone).

Other than that, Find Your Device doesn’t offer more alternatives to remote control your lost telephone. I trust that Google continues enhancing it and presents progressively accommodating highlights, for example, taking a selfie of the individual utilizing it on the off chance that it got stolen.

On the off chance that there’s no workstation around when you lose your gadget, you can likewise utilize another person’s telephone to follow it. Rather than utilizing the portable program, you can likewise utilize the Find My Device application.

You can easily sign in by utilizing the visitor mode option and your Google account certifications. Presently you ought to probably follow your lost gadget, let it ring or wipe its information.

Is it accurate to say that you are not ready to find your lost Android telephone along these lines? This can occur for a few reasons. The one you should seek after is that your gadget is just not associated with the web or killed.

All things considered, essentially continue endeavoring to follow it until it (ideally) associates with Google’s administrations once more.

2. Using Google Location History


  • Your gadget is associated with your Google account.
  • Your gadget has or approached the web (before it was killed).
  • Area Reporting and Location History should be actuated on your gadget (should be possible in the Google Settings application on your gadget).

Not at all like the Find Your device, the Timeline highlight of Google Maps doesn’t really concentrate on finding a lost telephone.

You can utilize your area information for various things, for example, gazing upward past movement courses. Be that as it may, it is likewise a decent method to find your lost telephone.

ow to find a lost android phone

As referenced, if your Android gadget is killed, you can utilize the area history information to recognize the last recorded area. This implies, regardless of whether your telephone’s battery ran out you may even now have the capacity to discover it.

how to find a lost android phone

This is what you have to do. Go to the Your Timeline (previous Google Maps Location History) and ensure the present day is chosen in the logbook.

On the left sidebar, you can see a total course of events of that day including the names every single recorded area. On the right, you can see every one of the areas pictured on a guide.

3. How to find a lost android phone Using Google Photos

how to find a lost anroid phone


  • Your gadget approaches the web.
  • Empowered ‘Reinforcement and Sync’ alternative in Google Photos.
  • Somebody needs to take pictures with your lost gadget.

In the event that your gadget really got stolen, you may almost certainly discover it utilizing the reinforcement and synchronize highlight of Google Photos.

On the off chance that you actuated this alternative in the application, all pictures taken with your telephone will be transferred to your Google Photos account. For what reason is that uplifting news?

Indeed, the picture, as well as the area where it was taken, is transferred. Thus, in the event that the hoodlum didn’t log out of your Google Account and experimented with the camera on your telephone, there may be some new pictures springing up in Google Photos.

how to find a lost android phone

Clearly, this possibly works if your lost telephone has a functioning web association and in the event that you gave your photographs application the authorization to utilize your area.

It would be ideal if you be watchful on the off chance that you can distinguish the area of your lost Android telephone, which might just be the place of residence of the hoodlum.

Try not to attempt to discover it yourself! Utilize that data and call your neighborhood specialists to take it from that point.

Expecting every one of those necessities are met, what do you have to do? Here it is, well ordered:

  1. Visit and sign in utilizing your Google Account in which your Android gadget is signed into.
  2. Check if any photos were taken after your gadget was stolen.
  3. On the off chance that indeed, tap on the picture.
  4. Presently, tap on the information symbol on the upper right corner.
  5. In the showing up the sidebar, you would now be able to see the picture’s data including the location of place where it was taken.

That’s it,

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