How to play Pubg After Ban in India [2 Tricks]

How to play Pubg After Ban in India
How to play Pubg After Ban in India

If you are looking for How to play Pubg After Ban in India then you are right landing up here in this post. I know that it’s the breaking news of today on the internet, but instead of writing about pubg bann I thought of giving you a solution to the problem. The main motive is to provide a way to professional Pubg players to have access even after bann so that their gaming channels or other streaming sources didn’t get affected.

So, keep reading this post to know about the various tricks using which you can play pubg after bann as well. Let’s start.

How to play Pubg After Ban in India

Trick 1

Most of the pps including the pubg game are also available on the internet except play store only, you can download it from any source on the Internet. Google it, see the name of the game and the version you want to link to.

However, if you need to sign in to this gsme, you need a google id. For the country from which you downloaded the game, you will need to create a Google account. And then log in with this ID. For example: – We didn’t have Pokémon in India afterwards, but a lot of people including me played them.

Trick 2

How to play Pubg After Ban in India
How to play Pubg After Ban in India

The second trick we wanna share is VPN as you may also know, You can play pubg game if it is banned in your country by using the VPN method.

U need a VPN app nd then u need to connect ur server to somewhere else in the world as pubg is banned in ur country not somewhere else so the servers of other countries can get connected.

Note: Using VPN is not recommended by Haviknowledge, this trick is just for the information purpose.

I hope it will help you..

You can use trick like VPN to play Pubg but it is illegal(mind it). If PUBG is banned in India, then don’t try to play it. You can play other games like Fortnite, Free Fire, Cross Fire, Rules of Survival and even Pixel Gun 3D and many more games are available on the google play store.

This is how you can acces pubg even after it is banned in your country but again we want to inform you that using VPN like services to play anything that is banned is illegal.

So, please consider the consequences in mind while using such tricks.

Best way To play PUBG after BAN 

Looking for the step by step way to run pubg after bann, follow steps below:

Step 1 

Download UFO VPN from playstore or internet.

After that Open the VPN app 

Select SINGAPORE server 


Hover over an click on settings 

Select basic

Change Server from India to any other country 


Please Share This Trick With Your Friends So they can play pubg after ban

Disclaimer: We do not promote any illegal activity on the internet like using VPN to play Pubg. This article is just for the information purpose.

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