Warning! Is Faceapp Safe to Use? All Doubts Cleared: Must Read


Hello Loving Readers, Today I am going to reveal the dark reality about an app known as Faceapp. Presently, this app is being used by everyone from children to old ones. Faceapp is trending on google playstore since early in this month. The app became so popular that many prominent public figures and celebrities also used this app and shared their modified pictures.However if you don’t know about this app, you can easily find it among top apps under pictures section.

Why People are so interested in this app?

Firstly, It is a common will that Every person is concerned about their oldage. The most prominent reason behind people downloading this app is that people want to see how they look like in future. This app have compiled some common traits( using AI cameras) found in most of the people in different age categories. The developers of this app have designed different filters according to those common traits.

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Secondly, In today’s internet world everyone wants to remain in trend. Since Faceapp is trending in the playstore and people are using it, more and more people are prompt to download it and participate in the ongoing trend.

Is Faceapp Safe To Use?

Now the biggest questionmark is that Is Faceapp Safe?

Faceapp has hit more than 5 crore downloads from thegoogle playstore. People are blindly downloading the app just to see how they look like in future without realising threat to their security on internet.

Many people are questioning about the user data security provided by Faceapp. It is being said that the faceapp company has sold the real pictures and data of users to third party companies.

How your data is collected by faceapp?

While you download any of the app, you have to agree to its terms and conditions and privacy policy. Generally, people ignore to read the privacy policy or they overlook and proceed further. If you will read Faceapp’s privacy policy thoroughly, there you will find two words. The first is sub-licensable and transferable. It simply means that first of all the app will collect your data information like face identity and that information can be transferred to anyone. It makes this clear that Faceapp is collecting your data and that data can be reused by anyone in anyways.
However, the Faceapp company has said that they are not selling data to any third party. But the main reason we can’t believe Faceapp is that the company’s record is not good. The Faceapp company is a Russian Based company started two years earlier with a data breach reputation.

Warning! Is Faceapp Safe to Use? All Doubts Cleared: Must Read
Image Source: Avast Official Blog

Pawan Duggal, the cyber crime expert while talking to Mirrornow said that “It’s like they are telling you, we are cutting your hands, putting them on the table and you are not going to question our authority. First of all, your data is not secure and there is no cybersecurity. If you are still okay with this, please proceed with our service.”

Till Now, I hope all your doubts about facapp has been cleared.Again, Is Faceapp Safe? I would like to put my personal view that if you want to keep your online data protected then don’t use this app. If you still have any view or question, I welcome them in the comments section below.

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