Google Releases New Shadow Puppetry Game On Lunar New Year 2019 with help from AI | Give It A Try


On the eve of Lunar New year 2019, Elaine Zhu(producer of Shadow art) announced the release of an amazing shadow puppetry game. He mentions in Google’s official blog that during childhood his parents used to entertain him by narrating stories using hand shadows as puppets. With this game he wants people to connect with the ancient art form through the help of technological advancement.

What is new shadow puppetry game?

Shadow Art gives you A chance to utilize your hands to frame one of the twelve zodiac creatures in the lunar cycle in front of your computer, laptop, smartphone camera.

In other words, Shadow Art is an internet browser-based amusement that gives you a chance to encounter AI and shadow puppetry energetically.

How does shadow art actually works?

Shadow Art gives you A chance to utilize your hands to frame one of the twelve zodiac creatures in the lunar cycle before your PC phone telephone camera, endeavoring to coordinate your hands as appeared ahead of the packed picture. The shadow, of your hands on the screen at that point change into a sad remnant of manikin creature.

Google’s New Shadow Puppetry Game
Source : Google Blog

Besides Google has conveyed this experience to program amusement with the goal that tone can figure out how to utilize turns in shadow manikins, yet there is a trick! You will have just twenty seconds to make one creature out of 12. The main object is to encounter the lunar cycle.

The new test is presently accessible in eleven dialect assortments, including English, Chinese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese.

From where to play shadow puppetry game?

Therefore. the next question prompting into your head would be the same mentioned above i.e, where to play the lunar new year 2019. But don’t worry I will give you the full key to head into the game.

Well, I already enjoyed playing this amazing AI game and Now it’s your turn.

Most Importantly, I am Providing you a button below to jump straight away head into the game. But Give me a second, If you really like this article do share it and also let me know your experience in the game by commenting below.

Have Fun…




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