‘Money Heist Season 5’ Will Be Delayed Due To The Coronavirus Crisis?

money heist season 5 will be delayed

In such a critical condition due to the spread of coronavirus Do Money Heist Season 5 will be Delayed?

As of now, it seems really obvious that money heist season 5 will be delayed as there’s no point in releasing it when the whole world is under lockdown.

According to its fans, there might be some delay in the release of money heist season 5 but it will be released on Netflix soon after everything becomes normal.

Money Heist Season 5

Recently, the vertical El Español named BLUPER recently reported that the famous Netflix sequence will probably return for season 2, season 5 and season 6.

However, in wanting on the COVID-19 disaster, there is a risk that the episode scheduled to be a success.

money heist season 5

According to an article in the Global Information Portal, the next two seasons should be launched consecutively.

It is for this reason that the Coronavirus epidemic, many current shootings, and productions have declined and this will, therefore, turn into an explanation for the postponement of the launch of season 5.

Another key aspect of the late launch of Cash Heist Season 5 is the fact that Itizar Ituano was considered optimistic for coronoviruses. The actor plays the role of Raqeel Murillo in the present.

The actor had posted an image of him on his Instagram and shared the information with his followers. He explained how he was showing signs and was optimistic on March 18.

He also warned his supporters not to return him and no one knows how far it will go.

Current producer Alex Pina has not spoken for the past two seasons. Followers are thrilled to understand how the story will evolve after the thrilling Cliffner at the end of season 4. Twitter is already asking for the launch date of Cash Hist Season 5.

Final Words

I know you all are eagerly waiting for season 5 of money heist but don’t worry stay connected with us. We will update every information about web series on our blog Haviknowledge.

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