Mrjatt Download Latest Punjabi Songs & Movies for Free in 2020


Mrjatt is an illegal website that allows users to download the latest Punjabi mp3 songs and movies for free.

If you are a Punjabi music lover, then you may like this site as one of the best Punjabi music sites to download Punjabi songs for free.

Using mrjatt website, you can easily download any new Punjabi song, Punjabi comedy movies, old Punjabi song, romantic Punjabi song or Punjabi sad song in audio or video format.

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But, Is it legal and genuine to download mp3 songs and movies from sites like mrjatt?

Being an aware cyber user in today’s world of internet, it is your responsibility to ensure that the activities you perform on the internet are legal and according to the norms of government.

While downloading songs or videos from sites like Mrpunjab, DJPunjab, Pendujatt, etc, you should keep the following things in mind.

What is mrjatt Site is a website from which you can download latest or old Punjabi song without spending a single penny, you can also download the video songs and Punjabi movies like Jinde Meriye.

This website also provides you the facility to download songs in different audio quality ranging from 48kbps low-quality audio to 320kbps high-quality audio.

This website has become quite popular because it provides free music to download. Everyone who likes Punjabi songs is on this website and searches this site on Google to download Punjabi songs, so this site is getting more than 1 Lac Visitors every month.

How to download the latest songs from mrjatt site

You can easily download latest Punjabi songs from mrjatt site by following the simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Visit the site ( in a new tab.
  • You will see the list of latest songs under Updates Heading as shown below:
  • Hit the song name that you want to download from the list.
  • On next page scroll below to get the download buttons as shown below:
  • Now, Click on any of these buttons to automatically start loading the song.
  • Once downloaded, you can enjoy listening to the song and share with anyone.

So, these are the simple points that you can follow to easily download song from Mrjatt.

How to download the full zip file from mrjatt site

Follow these steps to download the full zip file of a particular album in site:

  • Visit the homepage of the site.
  • Select the album and click over it.
  • Scroll down to find the heading as Download Songs in Zip File.
  • Just below this heading, click on the audio quality button to download the song automatically.
  • After loading, you can easily access the whole songs of the album from your device’s download folder.

This way, you can easily load the full zip file into your device without any hassle or any charges.

Punjabi Music Categorization on Mrjatt site

On the Mrjatt website, you also get the facility to download Punjabi songs in different categories. The following categories of songs are available on this website.

  • Trending Songs
  • CD Rip Album
  • Single Songs
  • Top 20 Songs
  • Sad Songs
  • Punjabi Songs
  • Punjabi Videos
  • Hindi Videos
  • Hindi Albums
  • All Genre Songs
  • Song Updates
  • All Music

You can get songs related to all the above categories on their site. This categorization of songs makes it easier for people to download the songs from a particular category like a sad song, single songs, etc.

Similar Websites of Mrjatt

  • (
  • (
  • ( )
  • Mr-jatt (
  • )
  • Pagalworld( )
  • Mrpunjab( )
  • )
  • Raagmp3( )
  • Djkang( )
  • )
  • )

All of the above sites are similar to the site Mrjatt and you can download music easily from these sites as well without any cost.

Mrpunjab – Legal Or Illegal

If you are downloading it with permission from the rights holders of that music, and if an artist says, ‘download my track for free’ then obviously that is fine. However, if you are downloading music from people who do not own the rights to that music, it is illegal.

Music is protected by copyright (own rights and right to do certain things with that music). It is usually the artists, songwriters, or labels themselves and the publishers who represent them.

People who do not own these rights, still make music and upload it online for people to download for free, so they are doing so illegally. By participating in it and downloading said music, you are doing so illegally.

How to download Songs in 100% Legal Way

There are many legal and paid platforms where you can download songs without any trouble and any fear of illegal happening.

Some of these platforms are as follows:

The above listed are actually the most legit platforms to listen to the latest Punjabi, Hindi as well as English Songs.


It is a crime to copy anyone’s original content and sell it for free or use it without the creator’s permission. does not promote any such activity. Our purpose in writing this article is only to give you information about legal and illegal activities so that you do not do any wrong thing that you have to face trouble.

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Is it legal to use mrjatt website?

The answer is absolutely “No”. If you want to download the latest songs then you should download from the legal Sources like Spotify and Gaana.

What is mrjatt website?

It is a website from which you can download any Punjabi song for free(mp3 and video).

Why mrjatt site is so popular?

mrjatt site provides Punjabi mp3 Songs, Punjabi video songs, absolutely free. You don’t have to pay any amount for downloading these content that is the reason behind popularity of this site.


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