Netflix Price India Now Only @ Rs 65: Weekly Mobile-Only Plans


I know this is really a piece of good news for all Netflix lovers in India regarding Netflix Price India. It seems like finally, Netflix have understood the craze of its Indian audience.

In recent years, there has occur a significant change in the way people used to watch movies and other stuff.

The already ongoing price war between various OTT companies in India has now increased. Among all these companies Netflix stands among a leader.

Netflix Price India In April 2019

In such a situation among content streaming players, Netflix seems to have got the pulse of its viewers in India.

Netflix has started the experiment with a new weekly mobile-only plan just for Rs 65 a month in India. This mobile-only plan allows at a time only one smartphone or tablet screen to watch over.

Moreover, Netflix is charging Rs 250 per month for its smartphone users. However it is still costlier than amazon and Hotstar Premium whose monthly prices are Rs 129 and Rs 199 respectively.

Revised Netflix Subscription Plans in India

According to Netflix India’s website, following are the latest Netflix subscription plans in India:

netflix india price

Weekly Mobile Only Plan: For Rs 65

Basic Plan: Rs 125

Standard Plan: Rs 165 ( two screens allowed)

Ultra Plan: Rs 200 ( four screens allowed in 4k)

This is just a summary to familiarize you all about the Netflix Plans. Please ensure that these plans are only for smartphone users, desktop or other screen plans are a little costlier.

You can check other plans by visiting the Official website of Netflix India.


There is one limitation that mobile-only plan does not support HD or 4k quality shows.

Other Plans

In the meantime, Netflix has apparently presented three different plans evaluated at Rs. 125, Rs.165 and Rs.200.

The Rs. 125 will enable Netflix Users to see content on workstations and TV too, while Rs 165 arrangement offers content on two screens at any given moment and under Rs. 200 client will offer both HD and Ultra HD quality to viewers on four screens at any given moment.

Under its Basic arrangement, clients can stream on one gadget, while Standard arrangement offers superior quality substance on two gadgets at one time and Premium plans offer Ultra HD content on four gadgets in the meantime.

This is all about the latest changes in Netflix Price India. I hope the information is useful to all the Netflix lovers out there.

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