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Ian Towning: Partner| Net Worth| Age| Wiki| Family



Ian Towning Wikipedia Family: Learn Everything About The Antiques Dealer

Ian Towning is not yet on Wikipedia, but he has been an antiques dealer for decades.

Ian Towning is best known in Chelsea, England, as an antique dealer.

Towning’s co-owner, the Antique Emporium Bourbon-Hanby Antique Center, has been in business for several decades.

In addition, he is well-known to the general public because he has appeared on ITV1’s The Real Deal of Antique Expert Show Dickinson.

Furthermore, the veteran is well-known for his appearance in Posh Pon, which airs on Channel 4.

Towning is currently developing its website in collaboration with a partner.

Wikipedia does not recognise Ian Towning as an antique dealer.

However, he is well-known as a successful antique dealer who has made a name for himself in both national and international markets.

In 1976, Ian opened their first antique shop, ‘Chelsea Antiques Market,’ on Kings Road in Chelsea.

After more than two decades in business, they decided to close the market and offer something new and special to the guests.

The famous Bourbon-Hanby Arcade, which is now an established antique arcade located at the corner of Sydney Street and King’s Road, opened in 1997.

This location is now known as ‘The Jewel in the Crown.’

The towning was intense. Injured It was in 2008 that he faced three men.

How old is Ian Towning?

Age of Ian Towning is 73 years old.

He was born in 1946 and was nine years old at the time. He was well-known for celebrating his birthday on January 9th every year.

Your 70. revealing his birthday fromth On his birthday, the ancient expert and his companions travelled to Malta and Gozo.

Furthermore, he is known to have started his first business when he was 28 years old and his current venture when he was 49 years old.

Who are the Ian Townings? His coworker revealed.

Ian Towning is descended from the royal family, as his arcade is named after his mother.

He turns out to be a Bourbon descendant from the Indian Royal Bourbon family.

The inheritance dates back to 1560, and at the end of the family tree, his grandmother, Mary Agnes, was followed by his mother and his nephew Arun.

Concerning his partner, he is living happily with him les barretta.

Towning referred to Barrett as her husband, but the official date of their marriage has yet to be disclosed.

The Bourbon-Hanby Antique Center is owned by the couple.

Ian Towning’s Net Worth

Ian Towning has a net worth of $1.5 million, according to Net Worth Post.

He has been a successful business owner and is thought to have amassed a large fortune from his illustrious career.

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