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Meet Zerotothree TikTok Owners Ash and Jess on Instagram



Zerotothree TikTok

Zerotothree TikTok account has gained widespread attention due to the creators’ witty humor and comedic timing.

Indeed, the account has served as an inspiration to many others. They are delighted to share their extraordinary life on social media.

Furthermore, the duo believes that their videos shed light on a community that most people are unaware of.

About Zerotothree From TikTok

Zerotothree is a hilarious account that focuses on pranks, vlogs, and comedy videos. They have finally made headlines after a long period of obscurity.

Ashley has the full hearing ability, whereas Jessica was born deaf — she can’t hear anything out of her left ear, but she can hear extremely loud screams or extremely loud music in her right ear.

Ash and Jess, the account’s moderators, are sisters. Their Zerotothree account has over 1.6 million followers and 36.5 million likes on their videos.

The sisters have revealed that they will accept new members into their family, but the member must have a peculiar personality.

In addition to TikTok, the siblings have a YouTube channel. According to reports, they have approximately 117 thousand subscribers there.

They appear to share similar content on both social media platforms. They’ve worked hard to get this far, and they deserve all of the love and support they’re getting today.

Zerotothree Tiktok Instagram

Both of them are available on Instagram as well. Deaf sister mimicking words are recited so nicely that people love it.

Zerotothree Ash and Jess

Ashley Gossett, also known as Ash, has been called fat her entire life. She has been vocal about fat-shaming and has revealed that she is discouraged as a result of the comments on her video.

Gossett revealed that she had been bullied in the past and was self-conscious about her appearance, but she is now well-liked and confident in her body.

Despite the fact that she is still trying to lose weight and change her diet and lifestyle, Ash stated that it is a treat for herself and the kids. She used to work in a foster care agency as a family specialist.

Meanwhile, her deaf sister Jessica Holton, also known as Jess, is known to be deaf.


Ashley Gosset is the real name of Ash from Zerotothree. She has been fat-shamed her entire life. Ash has told numerous stories about how cruel people have been to her. She used to be discouraged by the comments on her videos as well.

In addition, Ashley is 26 years old. She was born on September 1, 1994, according to Famous Birthdays.

Furthermore, she is now a married woman. Ash was diagnosed with PCOS in January 2018. Her infertility story was revealed in her first TikTok video.


Jessica Holton is Jess’s full name. She will be 23 years old in 2021, according to reports. She was born deaf, according to BuzzFeed. However, can hear loud music in her right ear.

Jess mostly reacts to the various sounds her sister makes. All of their videos are, indeed, amusing. Jessica recently revealed that she suffers from depression and anxiety. Nonetheless, she reminds herself that she is not alone.

Ash & Jess Family Information

In 2021, Ash from Zerotothree will be 26 years old. She was born in 1994 and is said to cut her birthday cake on September 1st every year. Meanwhile, Jess, her younger sister, is now 23 years old.

She is thought to have been born in 1997/98, but she has yet to reveal her exact birth year. In terms of family information, both of them are known to be married women. Ash is married to Jordan, and they have three children. In March of 2020, the couple adopted their lovely children.

According to Jess, she married her best friend of 8 years in 2020 and is the mother of two dogs, Waylon and Chance.

Finally, Ash and Jess want people to know that it’s okay to laugh at their videos; after all, that’s why they make them! “Many people tell us that they don’t feel like they can or should laugh along with us, but we want people to know that the entire point of our videos is to bring joy and laughter to everyone.

We want you to join us in our laughter. Jessica has a great sense of humor, and we’ve always been that way. Have fun with us!”

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