Policewala Rapper Jeevan Kumar From Jammu: Biography, Fame Story, Lifestyle, Instagram Reach

Policewala Rapper Jeevan Kumar Biography
Policewala Rapper Jeevan Kumar Biography
It is a story of an overnight sensation for term Policewala Rapper which perhaps became a prominent identity for Rapper cum Constable Jeevan Kumar of J&K Police. The story of prominence for G-One Rapper started as he posted one of his rap videos on social media. People did like his rap and shared his videos, that way he won many hearts, and his social media following boosted up drastically. In this post, you will read all about Wiki, Bio, Personal Life, Famous Rap lyrics, and much more about g-one rapper or policewala rapper from Jammu.

Policewala Rapper Jeevan Kumar Biography

Policewala Rapper Real  NameJeevan Kumar
Father and Mother NameJaswant Singh, Nirmala Devi
ProfessionRapper, Singer, Policeman/ Artist at Kali Denali Music
Body SizeThin
Birth PlaceChak Jaralan, Bishnah, Jammu
Martial StatusUnmarried
Date of Birth6 Oct 1996
Height6′ “1” ft
Age23 years
Brother NameGohil Kumar
He started his struggle from his 16 years of age as he wanted to financially support his family so he joined Jammu and Kashmir Police as a Constable but he was very passionate about rap and singing. Even after getting in the Police department he never gave up on rapping skills, and ultimately one of his rap videos went viral and now he is a burning sensation in Jammu and Kashmir and really an inspiration for the youth of J&k.
In one of his interview videos with Journalist Ashish Kohli, he said that his parents supported him very much in his journey and he could not be at where he is now without the support of his parents. He also said that he is a big fan of Bohemia and Emiway Bantai.

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G-One Policewala Rapper Instagram

Policewala Rapper Jeevan Kumar From Jammu: Biography, Fame Story, Lifestyle, Instagram Reach
Prominently known as G-One Poliewala Rapper, Jeevan Kumar became a sensation overnight and his Instagram followers increased very quickly since his rap video went viral on Instagram, the video got more than 2 lakh views. But those who don’t know his Instagram account still search on google for the Policewala rapper Instagram account. You can follow him by following the link given below.

G-One Policewala Rapper Instagram: Click Here

G-One Policewala Rapper Youtube

Policewala rapper also has a youtube channel where he posts all his latest rap videos. You can subscribe to his channel to listen all latest of his rap songs.
G-One Policewala Rapper Youtube: Click Here

g-one policewala rapper real name

As the rapper became famous among people as Policewala rapper but many people still don’t know his real name. So the real name of g-one policewala rapper is Jeevan Kumar.

j&k police rapper

Since Jeevan Kumar is a police constable of Jammu and Kashmir police department. People also search on the internet as a j&k police rapper. This is a very proud moment for J&K Police as it displays the multitalented skills among the young police personnel of JKP. Many senior police officers congratulated Jeevan Kumar and urged people to support his talent to reach more audiences.

Policewala Rapper Interview With Journalist Ashish Kohli On Facebook


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