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Galaxy Buds Pro in-app screenshots

Samsung is planning to reveal a number of products at its January Unpacked Event, and it’s looking fairly certain that the Galaxy Buds Pro will be among them.

With the Galaxy S21 also set to be unveiled, it’s looking likely that Samsung will ditch its wired earphones and promote its latest wireless earbuds as the best partner for its new smartphones. Here’s everything we know about the latest true wireless earbuds from the tech giant.

How much will the Galaxy Buds Pro cost?

Considering the Galaxy Buds Live had an RRP of £179, we expect the Buds Pro to fetch a similar price, given its ‘Pro’ designation.

Canadian retailer Staples tipped their hand with a store listing that had them at CAD 264.99. That’s around $210 or £150. We don’t expect them to cost that little in the UK, so a £200 price point is likely for the Galaxy Buds Pro. That’s less than most premium wireless earbuds tend to go for, with the likes of the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, Apple AirPods Pro and Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 going for £249, £249 and £279 comparatively.

When will they go on sale? Late January/early February release looks the most likely. And according to SamMobile, the Buds Pro won’t replace the Buds Live, sitting alongside them in Samsung’s wireless earbuds range.

What do the new Galaxy earbuds look like?

Evan Blass, he of numerous smartphone leaks, was at it again with the Galaxy Buds Pro. They look (main image above) slightly more traditional, but the shape of the inner-ear housing appears to mimic the Galaxy Buds Live. We’d call it a hybrid of the two design philosophies.

We hope it works given that while the Buds Live fit was comfortable enough, the design didn’t help the earbud’s noise cancelling performance. Hopefully the more traditional look will aid the bud’s noise-isolating design.

Thanks the premature retailer listing, we also know what colours the headphones will be in: violet, white and black. And those colours look as if they’ll match the colourways of the new Galaxy smartphones.

What features do the Galaxy Buds Pro have?

The Galaxy Buds Pro IP rating has shot up to IPX7 if pre-release info is to be believed. What does that mean for the Pro? An IPX7 rating ensures it’s fully waterproof, and can survive being submerged into a body of water of up to 3ft. Surviving water and sweat should be no problem for these earbuds and is a feature we’ve been hankering after for some time.

There will be active noise cancellation on board, and hopefully more effective than the experience the Live offered. It’s expected to be adaptable, as well as including an Ambient Sound Mode, so listeners can hear what’s around them without taking the earbuds out.

According to reports battery life has dropped to five hours, which is about average for a wireless earbud. It’s a big drop from the 11 hours of the Galaxy Buds Plus 11 hours, and we expect the total battery life including the case to be under 20 hours.

GitHub posted some features found searching for the headphones APK on Samsung’s store. The nuggets it revealed was that the Buds Pro will have ‘Find your headphones’ feature in SmartThings Find. There’s also an equaliser for changing the headphones sound profile (Normal, Bass Boost, Soft, Dynamic, Clear and Treble Boost).

Galaxy Buds Pro in-app screenshots

When the earbuds detect your voice, they can turn on Ambient Sound Mode and reduce the volume of any media you’re listening to to make it easier to hear the other person. You can also set the timescale for when the conversation is over and playback resumes (5, 10 or 15 seconds), which sounds a lot like the Speak-to-Chat feature on Sony’s WH-1000XM4 headphones. Hearing Enhancements adjusts the volume balance between the left and right earbuds.

The most interesting piece of info is the Buds Pro’s 3D audio. From the sounds of it, this appears to be similar to Apple’s Spatial Audio feature, using head-tracking and the earbuds’ gyroscopic sensors to create the impression of sound surrounding the listener. There appears to limitations for it, principally it only seems to work with an Android 11 Samsung device that has the OneUI software. Other features includes Bixby integration.

That’s all we know about the Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds for now. All will be fully revealed on January 14th, where it’s expected that Samsung will unveil the earbuds, alongside the brand new Galaxy S21 smartphones.

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