Put down your vote for the best Apple phone you can buy

Put down your vote for the best Apple phone you can buy

iPhone 12 is here and, as such, we’ve updated our best iPhone list with the flagship and it’s Pro equivalent. We’ll save the full verdict for the reviews but be safe in the knowledge Apple has knocked in out of the park in 2020.

Apple has expanded its iPhone lineup for 2020, going up to four phones with the introduction of iPhone 12 mini. The move shows Apple’s aim at appealing to a broad market, especially with its choice to continue to sell iPhone 11 and iPhone XR at cheaper prices as well.

However, does this mean Apple might be watering down its traditionally premium experience? Or, is it able to still offer extremely desirable features across the board? We’ve reviewed much of the iPhones on offer right now to help you decide.

Take a look below and vote for your pick for the best iPhone arrived. We’re always updating our best lists and, for this list in particular, be sure to come back when it’s updated with the impending iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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