[Steps] How to Download And Use Rabbit Extension(Rabb.it)

Rabbit Extention (rabb.it)
Rabbit Extention (rabb.it)

Using Rabbit Extention or Rabb.it, you can easily stream your videos from various OTT Platforms like Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Hotstar, etc. in a single session. The most interesting feature of rabb.it is that up to ten users can share the same screen to watch the same video content at the same time as to watch movies together online. Isn’t it interesting!

There are many other features that make your digital life really amazing using this rabbit Extention. So, In this post, we will learn how everything you need to know about rabbit.it extension. So let’s get started.

How to Download Rabbit Extention (Rabb.it)

Step1: Visit Chrome Web Store.

Step 2: Type in Search bar rabb.it and find the “Share On Rabbit” Extention as shown in the image below.

[Steps] How to Download And Use Rabbit Extension(Rabb.it)

Step 3: Click on Add to Chrome Button Next to the “Share On Rabbit” Extention.

[Steps] How to Download And Use Rabbit Extension(Rabb.it)

After the successful installation of rabb.it Extention, the icon as marked in the screenshot above will appear which means that you have successfully installed the Rabbit Extention in your chrome browser.

How to Use Rabbit Extention (Rabb.it)

To begin using rabbit Extention, you first of all you need to register yourself on the rabb.it website.

Step 1: You need to visit the official website rabb.it and signup there.

Step 2: After Sign Up, Now Login and Choose a Room to start.

Step 3: Choose the OTT platform or enter a link to share video across screens.

Step 4: That’s it Enjoy watching movies online together.

Note: Rabbit ended service in July 2019. Kast is a new service for watching movies together.

Click Here to read How to Download and Use Kast

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