After Doordarshan Ramayan On Star Plus Now: Watch Ramayan Online Now


Ramayan epic serial became so prominent among the people soon after it was started on Doordarshan Channel on 16 April 2020.

It went so well, that the first episode started on 16th April 2020 was seen across the world by more than 7 crore people.

considering the huge demand mong the people for this episode, now other local tv channels also decided to start this programme on their channels.

Ramayan On Star Plus Timing

As Ramayan is already started on doordarshan channel., the starting of Ramayan serial by Start Plus is also being opposed by viewers.


It is because the timing of Ramayan Serial on star plus is classing with the Ramayan on Doordarshan Channel.

The information regarding start of Ramayan on Start Plus Channel was notified by the twitter handle of Star Plus Channel.

They mentioned “Ayodhya ke vaasi, purusho mein sarvotam, sabke priy maryada purushottam Shri Ram ki kahaani #Ramayan.. 4 May se, Somvaar se Ravivaar shaam 7:30 baje StarPlus par.” on their twitter handle.

Many viewers are retweeting to star plus for changing this decision of run ning Ramayan on srat plus channel.

Instead they are recommending to start some other famous old serials like Saka laka boom boom, Son pari,kya hadsa kya haqiqat etc, that were treding in the old days.

It seems that TV channels are trying to take full advantage of this lockdown keeping people entertained with the serials they love the most.

Watch Live Ramayan

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