Samsung is adding a solar charging remote to 2021 TV sets

Chris Smith

Samsung has announced its 2021 TV sets will arrive with an eco-friendlier remote control fitted with a solar panel for recharging.

Samsung says its new Solar Cell Remote Control can be replenished via indoor or outdoor light, as well as a standard USB charger.

The TV-maker says the first-of-its-kind Samsung remote will save on waste from a projected 99 million AAA batteries over the next 7 years. In construction of the remote, Samsung says it upcycled plastics from recyclable bottles. In fact 24% of the remote now comes from recycled materials.

Elsewhere, Samsung is also excited about some other sustainability landmarks. Firstly, it’s expanding its award-winning eco-packaging to all of 2021 Lifestyle TVs and most of the 2021 Neo QLED.

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This involves upcycling up to 200,000 corrugated boxes and also limiting the amount of text and imagery featured on the boxes. Samsung says: “By minimising text and graphic imagery on the Eco-packaging, the oil-based ink from colour printing that’s traditionally used on TV boxes is eliminated, helping to further reduce waste.”

There’s also less concrete information about the company’s desire to “systematically decrease its overall carbon footprint in TV manufacturing” as well as lowering power consumption and using more recycled materials.

Prior to the start of the CES 2021, Samsung offered a preview of its 2021 television line-up, including a range of Neo QLED, MicroLED and Lifestyle TVs.

Samsung offered Trusted Reviews a peak at its new television sets which will include a new flagship 8K model (QN900A) and 4K (QN90A) models as part of a new Neo QLED 2021 TV range. There’ll be brand new tech, thanks to the Quantum Mini LED backlight, Quantum Matrix technology, and a brand new Neo Quantum Processor.

Samsung also says there’ll be a 99-inch MicroLED model with more sizes to be announced later this year. It will offer 5.1 sound without the need for an external speaker. The company also says its Lifestyle TVs like The Frame are being updated for the new year.

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