Sony is already ceasing production of some PS4 models in Japan

Jade King

With the launch of PlayStation 5 now behind us, it appears that Sony is already ceasing production of certain PS4 consoles in its homeland of Japan. 

While it’s unlikely the console will be vanishing from the public zeitgeist anytime soon, Sony is wasting no time discontinuing older models of the console in Japan, and potentially other territories in the coming weeks and months. 

According to Cheesemeister on Twitter, a Japanese retailer has begun notifying customers through its displays that it will not be restocking certain models of the gaming console due to Sony ending production of them. This concerns the following systems, which range from base models to the Pro variants:

  • PS4 500GB Glacier White
  • PS4 1TB Jet Black
  • PS4 1TB Glacier White
  • PS4 2TB Jet Black
  • PS4 Pro 1TB Glacier White

So, in the future it is likely that consumers who wish to purchase any of the above consoles will need to go down the used route, or instead opt for a newer version of Sony’s last-gen console.

While such a development isn’t hugely surprising, it’s unexpected to see Sony consolidating its production resources mere months after the release of PS5. At the time of writing, its new console is struggling to reach global demand, and is sold out at the majority of retailers. 

It seems many of the items described by the retailer are older versions of the console and its respective peripherals, and Sony won’t be ending general production of the PS4 for several years at minimum. It’s still a hugely popular machine with millions of active players, and Sony will want to accomodate them until they transition over to the new generation.

Here’s what I thought of the PS5 in my 4.5/5 review, which is arguably Sony’s best console yet: “The PS5 is a meaningful evolution of Sony’s achievements with its predecessor. It’s a gorgeously accessible machine with a forward-thinking plan for the coming generation, whether that’s through its nuanced SSD technology or growing library of worthwhile exclusives.”


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