Sony PS5 stock hopes fuelled by huge 2021 production haul – report

Chris Smith

To say the Sony PS5 has been tough to get ahold of during the first couple of months would be a gigantic understatement. However, the scarcity may be eased very soon according to a new report.

A report from DigiTimes, which has a mixed record with its supply chain reports, claims Sony could make a whopping 18 million PS5 consoles during 2021.

The sources (via Gematsu) say in the first four weeks on sale, Sony was able to sell 3.4 million consoles, which is effectively every single console it was able to make during the initial production run. That would be the highest ever initial sales for a PlayStation console, if the figure is accurate.

However, for those desperately chasing either of the PS5 editions, it’ll be the hopes of a massive production yield this year for the new-generation system that raises eyebrows.

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DigiTimes’ “industry sources” say Sony has enlisted additional capacity support from the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, as well as other back-end service firms.

According to the report, TSMC has provided the additional foundry capacity so AMD can make more of the PS5’s custom 7nm CPU, which in turn will enable the downstream partners to boost their production tallies.

Of course, DigiTimes doesn’t always get things right, but it often has sources within the supply chains that provide accurate information. PS5 fanciers will be hoping this is one of those occasions.

Both Sony and Microsoft are reporting their best ever initial sales for the new consoles, but who knows how much higher those numbers would have been if the consoles had been freely available during the winter shopping season.

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