[Steps] How to Download & Use Kast [Formerly Rabb.it]

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Kast is a brand new or upgraded version of an old platform formerly known as Rabb.it or Rabbit Extention. The Rabbit ended its services in July month of 2019. And now Kast is a new service for watching movies together online.

The New Kast is a platform for android, ios, and Mac users to share the screen across devices hence sharing what one is watching like watching videos or movies together on various OTT Platforms like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

In this post, you will learn how to download the new Kast and everything you need to know about the Kast Platform. So let’s get started.

How to Download the Kast

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Kast.

Step 2: On the Official Website, you will see the different links to download Kast for various devices like Mac and Android. You can also see the web version to use Kast on Desktop without downloading it.

Step 3: Select the platform ou want to download Kast for and click on it.

That’s it, the download will begin automatically in a few seconds. After successfully downloading, you can install and sign in into the app to start using the Kast Software.

Kast Web

Kast Web is a web app to use Kast software without actually downloading any software on your desktop. You can stream your screen videos across multiple devices with this feature on your browser itself.

To have more idea about Kast Web, think of whatsapp web that you can use for whatsapp on desktop, in the same way kast web can be used to enjoy Kast software features on desktop browser itself.

Moreover, there is a Kast Chrome Extention that also can be used for the same purpose, in other words there are multiple accessibility option for using Kast on different devices.

Try Kast Web Now

How to Use Kast

  1. Download Kast using steps mentioned above.
  2. Register a new Account or Sign in to Kast.
  3. Create a Public or Private Room
  4. Launch Share Streaming Your Screen or camera with others.
  5. Also, find other rooms and you can join them.

Step 1: Visit the Kast Website and download the Software. You can use the steps to download Kast as mentioned in 2nd heading above.

Step 2: After successfully downloading Kast on your device, Now create a new account and Log In.

Step 3: After Login, you will find an option to create a room. You can create private or public room. Private room will be allowed to join only by selected individuals.

Step 4: After creating a room, now you are ready to share or stream your screen among the group of people that you have added in a room.

Step 5: You do not neccesarily need to create a new room every time. You can also join other rooms, find a room and click join.

Is kast free to Use?

Yes there is a free version of Kast to use with limited features but also there is a premium version which you can purchase to enjoy the unlimited features of Kast.

Is Kast Safe?

As till now there is no news of any security breach or privacy concern on kast. So, yes we can say that kast is safe to use till now.

That’ s all about Kast, hope you like this small step by step tutorial.

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