Top Punjabi Movies That You Should Never Skip Watching

top punjabi movies

Most of the Punjabi people search for a way to watch Top Punjabi Movies on their mobile phones in their comfort zones. Although it is illegal to download any movie online from the unauthorized source there’s a way in which you can watch Top Punjabi Movies 2019 on your mobile phones as well.

It is being observed that most of the Top Punjabi Movies are available on youtube and that too in good quality. You can watch these movies free of cost. Also, watch Best Punjabi Comedy Movies of all Time.

Here is the list of 5 Top Punjabi Movies of All Time

1. Chal Mera Putt

Top Punjabi Movies

This is a Punjabi film directed by Janjot Singh and co-produced by Rhythm Boys Entertainment, Gilz Network, and Oomji Star Studios.

It stars Amarinder Gill, Simi Chahal, Iftikhar Thakur, Nasir Chinyoti, Akram Gusha, Hardeep Gill and Gurshabad. The film revolves around Punjabis, who are trying to live in a foreign country. It marked the feature film debut for Janjot Singh.

Written by Rakesh Dhawan, the film started its lead photography in Birmingham in May 2019 and ended in June 2019. Additional filming took place in Lahore and parts of Punjab.

The soundtrack of the film is Dr. Is composed by Zeus and Gurcharan Singh, with voices by Gill, Gurshangabad, Nimrat Khaira, and Bir Singh.

It was released in India on July 26, 2019. As of September 20, 2019, the film had grossed ($ 4.3 million) globally, making it one of the most profitable Punjabi films and Punjabi films. Most profitable in the United States with crude oil abroad. $ 3.6 million

2. Mindo Taseeldarni

Top Punjabi Movies

Mindo Tasildarani is a film that revolves around God who knows but is a centerpiece of stories that are even more misleading. Actually, there is no real story, so let’s just ignore the summary and proceed to the exam.

From the moment a film is released, a certain amount of expectations build up in the public’s mind as well as those associated with that business.

The title, the starcast and then the trailer, all take a person’s mind in a specific direction, where a person has a foretaste of what he will see throughout the film.

But what happens when suddenly everything that is expected from a film gets into a big trick and you have no choice but to regret the decision to buy. Movie ticket?

3. Surkhi Bindi

Top Punjabi Movies


The film stars Gurnam Bhullar, Sargun Mehta, Rupinder Rupi and Nisha Bano in the lead roles. It is directed by Jagdeep Sidhu. The story, screenplay, and dialogues are written by Rupinder Indrajit. Produced by Ankit Vijan, Navdeep Narula, Gurjeet Singh, and Santosh Subhash That.

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Nestled in a rural village, the story of Surkhi Bindi is the story of a woman who dreams of marrying a rich prince. But reality strikes her when she is married to a middle-class worker.

She finds herself trapped with a rural man and finds herself helpless. Soon, the relationship between husband and wife becomes better and the husband intensifies to help her achieve her dreams.

The pair of Sargun Mehta and Gurnam Bhullar look afresh on the screen. They both complement each other. Sargun is strong, articulate and realistic, and Gurnam is shy, introverted and talkative.

The story feels different and impressive. The part where Sargun does not reach Canada but pursues his dreams here seems very real because not everyone can dream big and feel them all night.

Although the locations used in the film give us a glimpse of Laung Laachi and at one point the story reminds us of Kala Shah but we are impatient to see what Surkhi Bindi brings to the public.

4. Ardab Mutiyaraan

Top Punjabi Movies

Ardav Mutiran is a 2019 Punjabi Indian drama romantic comedy film, directed by Manav Shah. The film has been produced by Gunbir Singh Sidhu and Manmord Sidhu Minhas under the banner of White Hill Studios.

With Sonam Bajwa, Mehreen Pirzada, Ninja and Ajay Sarkaria, the film’s story revolves around Bablu Bains (played by Bajwa), who combats the evils of society in his style. It represents all the women who are fighting for their identity.

A courageous and daring young girl, Bablu Bains, another stubborn girl, traces her profession as a revival agent to a financial company (Chadha Finance) led by Shruti. Babu’s partner, Vicky, is still on the edge of Shruti’s anger.

Due to their constant struggle, Shruti sends Bablu for false recovery to bring her. As a result, Bablu meets Rinku Bansal, the only bachelor in her house who dominates her sister-in-law. Rinku falls in love with Heel at first sight.

Rinku and Bablu get married and Vicky marries Shruti. These two houses are dominated by women. Thus begins the epic saga of power-play between these women in the workplace and in their homes. Though men try to make peace between them, in the end, they show up at both ends.

5. Kala Shah Kala

Top Punjabi Movies

Kala Shah Kala (Traditional. Completely Black) is a 2019 Indian Punjabi romantic comedy film written and directed by Amarjeet Singh. The film is produced by Infantry Pictures and Naughty Men Productions in association with Dreamittita Entertainment.

It stars Binnu Dhillon, Sargun Mehta, and Jordan Sandhu, and follows the story of Lovely, a happy and charming boy who struggles to find the love of his life because of his dark complexion. It expired on March 15, 2019, but was later postponed until February 14, 2019.

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It opened its doors to positive reviews and became a commercial success, earning over 19 crores worldwide. It is the most profitable Punjabi film of 2019 and the 21st most profitable Punjabi film.

An old “Nandro Bhuah”, who works as a matchmaker, is hospitalized for a night’s recovery. She regains consciousness later that evening and tells her nurse that she has arranged for her father to marry hundreds of other people. To the delight of many hospital employees, he tells the story of Pammi and Lovely (nicknamed “Nag”).

Lovely’s skin is very dark and no one wants to marry her because of her appearance. Her marriage proposals are denied every time. On the other hand, Pammi is a beautiful girl, but she is not even married.

Hence, Nandro Bhua sends her marriage proposal and their marriage is finalized. But Pammi is not ready to do this marriage as she falls in love with Jaggi, who lives in her village with her loved ones.

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