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uri like web series

If you are looking for URI Like web series or war movies Hindi then you can read this article up to the end. Avrodhe OTT is Sony Liv’s latest presentation on the market. They were previously re-added with a new logo and interface for their app and returned with a solid range like Your Honor and Uncertainty, and they don’t seem to have finished yet. Sony Liv will present a new program called Awodh which is based on the Indian Army’s attack on Pakistani terrorist areas or known as the 2016 surgical attack.

As the show goes into detail and will focus on the bravery of the Indian Army, we feel that we should suggest more series that display similar feelings and love for our military.

Amazon Prime launched a series earlier this year focusing on the Indian Army and its work in the period of British rule. The show was directed by Kabir Khan and narrated by Shahrukh Khan. The plot follows the Indian Army, which marches towards the capital to get rid of the British and gain independence from colonial rule.

The soldiers under the leadership of Subhash Chandra Bose were men and women who fought hard and fought for our freedom, but somehow their courage and courage was lost somewhere in the history, the forgotten army.

#1. Code M

The Alt Balaji series premiered earlier this year in January. The story follows an army lawyer, Monica Mehra, who was initially charged with an open and closed case of the death of a military officer and two terrorists in a highly violent encounter. Everything seems easy until the mystery begins to unravel and Monica gets caught in a chakravyuh and it seems as if an easy task becomes more complicated than she had imagined. It stars actors like Jennifer Winget, Rajat Kapoor, Tanuj Virwani.

#2. Siege conditions 11/26

Zee5 entered the market with its own Army program based on the actual events that took place in 2008 in Mumbai. The terrorist attack on the Taj Hotel, hospital, bar and railway station was the subject of conversation for the nation, and people are still afraid to speak up. Hundreds of innocent people lost their lives. Series siege position name:

The story of 11/26 will tell how an army professional planned and executed the terrorists to capture and bring them to justice. What makes the series different from other films and series that are based on the same theme is that the series focuses on the military and NSG’s perspective of addressing the problem rather than showing attacks from the terrorists’ point of view.

#3. Test case

It is a 2017 web series that premiered on Alt Balaji and starred in the famous Airlift and The Lunchbox fame, Nimrat Kaur. The show focuses on his character, who is an intelligent and highly motivated man. She is believed to be the first woman to enter a special forces training program

It is considered a “test case” for induction of special forces by training women in logistics and warfare. Although he is very smart, he encounters conservative prejudices in training from his contemporaries, but he still has the will to overcome all and achieve his goal.

#4. Regimental diary

The show debuted on EPIC channel in 2018. As we know that EPIC is one of the most popular information and entertainment channels in India, the channel gave rights to Netflix so that the program could reach a larger audience. The program is called Regimental Diary and focuses on stories of courage, bravery and quick thinking during a battle by heavily guarded regiments and various army professionals. The soldiers who narrate the stories are retired or still on functional duty. This makes it an attractive watch

All this was similar to the web series list / as Avrodh is similar to Sony Liv’s original Aroda, if you think any movie series is missing, please let us know in the comment box to socialize us for faster updates. Be sure to follow on media.

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