Why Technology Is Good? | Reasons and Conclusion


There still exists a question mark mainly to countryside people that why technology is good? Or Students may be asked to write about whether technology is good or bad?

This could be because of the reason that they always heard about the negative impacts of technology or remained actually away from its benefits.

But the real truth is that nowadays technology has become a part of almost everybody’s life. It is because technology actually helps us in many ways. From transferring media files using Bluetooth to connecting with the people worldwide in seconds.

In the recent five decades, technology had a significant advancement making people’s living more assisting and comfortable. Like, Google’s Voice Assistance Devices have made many things easier to command.

One motivation behind why innovation is great is that it has spared numerous lives. We have new machines to examine bodies and test blood and different liquids with the goal that specialists can discover illnesses and conditions that should be dealt with.

It additionally helps in relieving disease with radiology and chemotherapy. What’s more, it helps in battling blood issue and heaps of different infections with new machines and meds, just as organ transplants. Indeed, even computer games help.

Is Technology Good Or Bad?

Technology is good or bad, that totally depends on how we use it. I know there are parents out there who still consider technology as a curse ruining the children’s life. After reading this whole article your perspective will change if you are one among those parents.

Modern World Technology has done amazing and wonderful things to advance humanity in the last 10 decades.

Here’s The reasons Why Technology is good:

1.Technology Is Used In The Field Of Education

why technology is good

Yes, The most important desire of parents, The Child’s Education. Technology can help in efficient learning and better education. Technology can do wonders for you if used in a better way. Have you ever thought about why you need to go to the library If you can read the best book ever right on your mobile screen?

Rather than this, there are technology is used in the field of education in many other ways. Like, Students can be better taught a concept using PPT, they can access thousands of apps from play store that can actually help in studies.

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These modern ways of teaching using technology also help teachers to better engage the students into a concept. Moreover, Students enjoy learning in an advanced way using devices like computers, laptops, projectors, etc.

2. Technological Advancement has made Agriculture more Efficient.

Why Technology Is Good? | Reasons and Conclusion

Gone are the days when farmer used to spend huge time maintaining fields, cutting crops, tilling the land, sowing seeds, etc. With the advancement in technology, all these tasks have been replaced by machines. This has significantly reduced the time needed to perform these activities.

Utilization of advances in the field of agribusiness expands the creation of sustenance and diminishes the labor. It likewise diminishes the season of the rancher.

Along these lines, the nourishment accessible in greater amount and cost of sustenance is less. In the future, more advancements will create the agrarian area.

3. Technology is used in field of medical.

why technology is good

Diagnosing a patient has become easier and efficient with the aid of modern instruments and devices.

Numerous individuals died in the twentieth century since that time advance innovative contraptions and gadgets are not there. However, at this point, advancements are grown all over and furthermore in the field of medicinal.

With the discovery of new devices in the field of medical, millions of lives have been saved. To name a few of the advancements are X-Rays, Ultrasound, etc.

4. Technology is used in Transportation

Why Technology Is Good? | Reasons and Conclusion

There was a time when people spend days traveling to other cities. But Now with the efficient means of transportation like an airplane, trains, buses, cars, bikes, etc, those distances can be reached in hours.

These efficient means of transportation have reduced the time to cover the long as well as short distances.

Moreover, the life of people have become easier as you can reach comfortably anywhere even during emergency with less time.

5. Technology is used to control Natural Disasters.

why technology is good

Natural Disaster like Tsunami and Earthquake are so dangerous that can take millions of lives and destroy everything.

Tech is so much significant and accommodating in light of the fact that it spares our lives by giving cautioning before calamity comes.

With the assistance of tech, we can quantify the dimension of calamity and it additionally gives cautioning before the peril debacle comes.

The trend-setting innovations give a proactive strategy to all the more adequately make catastrophe safe networks.

6. Technology helps in Space

Why Technology Is Good? | Reasons and Conclusion

The best example of the use of technology in space is a satellite. The Internet that you are using it with the help of artificial space satellite. And You know well How important the internet is for people nowadays. Most of the business is not possible without the internet.

We are fortunate on the grounds that these days numerous nations discharge their very own satellite in the space. Satellite causes the web to build speed of the web by diminishing the heap in it.

Some case of innovations in space is a satellite and research and so on.

7. Technology makes our lifestyle easier

Why Technology Is Good? | Reasons and Conclusion

You cannot ignore the fact that technology has really made your lifestyle easier. You can do your tasks more efficiently with modern technology saving much of your time.

We can easily communicate with anyone in the world right from our mobile phone. Earlier it used to take months reaching a message abroad.

We did not need to go physically to pay our bills, that we can now pay online. Moreover, now with the coming of artificial intelligence, technology is even listening to our commands as well, the best example of this is google assistant.

Isn’t that technology has made our life much easier?

8. Technology is helpful for parents

why technology is good

Yes, you heard it right! Parents can use technology in a better way to keep a check on their children. Many apps are available on play store to keep an eye on mobile activities of children.

While Teaching your child, you can use the internet to find out the answer to the problem you might have struck in.

Parents are usually busy in their work, you can pay your bills online. This can save you a lot of time. There are many other ways using which parents can take advantage of.

9. Technology helps us to connect with each other

why technology is good

The most wonderful outcome of technology is that it connects people from all around the world. You can talk or chat with anyone available on the internet in the world.

Examples of social media sites are facebook, instagram etc.

10. Technology helps us to live Professional Digital Life

why technology is good

Nowadays, with the advancement in the field of technology, a unique and better work culture has developed.

People can work right from their mobile or laptops sitting at home and earn money.

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I hope till now it is clear why technology is good. In the concluding lines, I would like to say that technology is very useful and can do wonders for us if used in a proper sustainable way. We need to balance the effect of technological advancement on the other natural aspects of the environment.


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