WordPress vs. Blogger: Which One Is Better To Start With? Detailed Comparison 2019


After understanding the concept of a blog, the very next problem that most of the beginner encounter is choosing the right platform mostly WordPress vs Blogger.

While exploring the pros and cons of different blogging platforms, you would have understood that blogger and WordPress are the most prominent blogging platforms.

Still, because you ultimately need only one and the best platform to start your blogging journey. Right?

Now, the competition remains in between WordPress vs Blogger only. So, what is better WordPress or blogger? Or What’s the best blogging platform?

Since, you all know that WordPress and Blogger are the two famous platforms, choosing one among them becomes really difficult.

In your blogging journey, starting with the right platform is very important. If you choose the wrong platform then you will have to face many problems later.

I am writing all this based on my personal experience, as I have also faced such paradoxical situations when you have to choose the best out of only one choice.

Here in this guide, I am going to unleash the real differences and potential between WordPress and Blogger to help you choose the better one.

WordPress vs Blogger


wordpress vs blogger

WordPress is the most prominent and widely used blogging platforms/ content management system in the blogging world. Personally, according to me, it is the best platform if you want to design a better and fully customized blog. It has two different domains, one is free and another one is paid:

Here, In the free WordPress platform, you can just signup and start writing your posts to share on the internet.

Note: The biggest difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is that you have to buy your personal hosting in wordpress.org unlike in the case of wordpress.com.


A free and non-self hosted platform to start posting your content online on the internet. Please note that you are not the absolute owner of your content here.

Disadvantages of free wordpress.com:

  • You do not have full control over your blog.
  • Full customization is not possible.
  • You cannot run google or other platform ads on your site.
  • You have to keep using wordpress.com subdomain.
  • Plugins and themes cannot be uploaded.
  • Not reliable as you have no full control over it.
  • Your site could be shut anytime without any notice.

Advantages of free wordpress.com:

  • Completely free to start a blog.
  • Free wordpress.com subdomain.


WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform where you are the absolute owner of your site/blog. You can monetize your content to earn money as well.

Advantages Of WordPress.org

  • Free to use, you only have to buy a domain and hosting which can be connected to WordPress.
  • Easy to use as and no coding knowledge is required.
  • You have full control over your function, design, and content of your blog.
  • You can install attractive free themes and plugins in your site which makes your work much easier.
  • Your site can be fully customized in the way to want.
  • You can monetize your content to earn money from your blog. Money earned is yours, you don’t have to share it with any platform as a fee.
  • Also, you can provide services to people on your website like paid courses, products, etc.
  • To monitor your site’s performance, you can use amazing google’s tools like search console, google analytics.

Limitations of WordPress.Org Platform:

  • You have to buy a domain and hosting which will cost you between 5$ to $10 per month.
  • You need to have a little more technical knowledge to fully customize your WordPress Blog.
  • You have to take care of your data by backing it up from time to time.
  • Every Time you have to update to the latest version of WordPress for new features.


wordpress vs blogger

It is one of the simplest ways to create a blog and start expressing through your writing to the world. It was purchased by Google in 2003 and made the website very useful for beginners. In fact, Blogger was first introduced in 1999 and was considered as the first user-friendly interface.

Disadvantages Of Blogger

  • You have to continue with Blogspot domain. For Example, If your blog name is abcd.com, so it will be abcd.blogspot.com. Here Blogspot.com is the subdomain of google which you will have to use as default. However, you can buy a new domain and integrate it with blogger to get rid of Blogspot subdomain.
  • It does not provide many options for more advanced users
  • The post does not come with editing options and has the least comment option
  • In addition, high-end features are lacking
  • The site also does not come with various customization options so that users can customize the look and feel of their blog

Advantages Of Blogger

  • You do not have to spend even a single penny to create your blog.
  • It’s very quick and simple – you can literally create a blog in minutes.
  • You will be able to know how to create content and properly use all the primary features.
  • You do not need a hosting plan so that it is a 100% free solution.
  • While limited, there are options to personalize your blog.
  • The site is highly secure and less for maintenance

WordPress vs Blogger Comparing Factors


Blogger is Google’s platform that means all your data is stored on Google. You can easily create a blog in your Gmail ID and you can create up to 100 blogs with the help of Gmail ID, but you do not have access to the server, Google has the rights to it, it means that the account whenever you want. Close or close your blog, you cannot claim or object to it.

While there is nothing like this in WordPress, you can host it yourself, it means that you have the right to keep whatever data you have in WordPress. You can close it whenever you want and start it when you want.

For this, you get WordPress software which is installed in the hosting. When you want to start your blog and when it stops, you will set it aside. You can share whatever data you want with third parties, you also have to decide for yourself.


Since Blogger is Google’s software, you get the added benefit of Google’s powerful secure platform. With Blogspot, you don’t have to worry about securing your blog, managing your server’s resources, or making a full backup.

However, when it comes to WordPress security, Blogger is responsible for creating a backup and maintaining its security. WordPress also offers various tools and plugins that make your website very easy.


In Blogger we can only use some templates that are already in Blogger. A template is a type of design or design that we can use to change the appearance or appearance of our blog by using it in a blog.

Blogger has very few templates that can be used and that do not have a good look at your blog and you cannot even create a layout in it, which means that you cannot design your blog according to your style or style.

There is no such thing in WordPress, you will get thousands of free templates or themes, and that too of high quality, which will look like your blog professional website. You can create your own layout, this means that you can shape it according to your mind. To conclude, WordPress is a lot better than Blogger.

4.Extent Of Control

In Blogger, Google gives you some tools through which you can control your blog but there are some limitations and you have to work in it. If you want to put something else on your blog, this is not possible.

You have to work with the given tools, while the WordPress open-source platform, which you can customize as per your wish and add features as per your interest, you can improve your blog by installing any plugin.

5. SEO- Search Engine Optimization

SEO has become very important in today’s time, which helps to increase the traffic of Blog / Website and make it search engine friendly.

Blogger is also lagging behind WordPress in terms of SEO, although SEO has changed in the last few years, which is not enough, while WordPress has many plugins that can improve and even change the SEO of your blog.

6. Profitability

You can transfer your data to another platform in Blogger, but it is very difficult to work and you can also spoil your SEO, which can reduce your site traffic and harm you, ie Months or years of hard work are most likely to be wasted.

It offers Google portability, but this data remains on Google’s servers for a long time, so there is no such thing in WordPress if you have to change the domain name of a blog or change the hosting site or platform, in WordPress You can do every task easily and you do not have to face any difficulty. This means that WordPress Blogger is better in some ways even in portability.

7. Updates

Blogger never brings its own updates, nor adds any new features. Google has not made any changes in subsequent years, as mentioned earlier, that WordPress is open-source software, so its update has come many times which you have to install.

8. Future Scope

Blogspot has basically not seen any major updates for a long time. In addition, Google has a record of discontinuing its popular services such as Adsense for Feed, Google Reader and the potential termination of FeedBurner. The future of Blogspot depends entirely on Google and thus Google can be shut down anytime.

WordPress is a popular open-source platform that clearly indicates that its future does not depend on an individual or company. In addition, it empowers over 24.7% of websites and this figure only seems to increase. Therefore, the future of WordPress is reassuring and bright.

WordPress vs Blogger Site Backup


Backup or theme backup is very easy inside Blogger, from time to time, you can support your content by downloading and saving privately.

Always keep backing up blogs periodically, if your blog has a problem or you want to transfer your content to another platform or blog, it becomes very easy.


Creating a Content Backup on WordPress is very easy. You can also make WordPress your backup from time to time so that you don’t have any problems with the Future.

You can use your hosting panel to create back-up content or you can also backup your WordPress blog using a backup plugin.

Therefore you do not need to recreate your content.

WordPress vs Blogger: Critical Analysis to choose one

You must be wondering which platform is better as soon as SEO comes. Well, both are quite good but I have a video that can help you explain it better. In this video, Matt Cuts who heads the Wepsum team shared his thoughts about WordPress and Blogger. And I recommend you to check out this video.

Matt Cuts himself uses the WordPress platform for his personal blog.

And through my experience, I would also recommend you to use WordPress for better SEO. I personally have used WordPress and blogger as well but WordPress has many more to offer you and blogger includes many limitations especially in doing SEO.


After looking at all these points, one thing is clear that if you can invest a little then WordPress is good but if you are getting started, you can also use Blogger. In the beginning, I personally created my blog on Blogger as well as many bloggers have noticed that they only like Blogger. Best Blogging Platform.

Blogger is much better because it is very easy to use because blogger is best for you if you want to make your career in blogging and do not want to invest much in the beginning.

Well, both WordPress and Blogger are good, now I have compared the differences and similarities between the two and it is your desire to go with the platform of your choice.

Kindly, share your thoughts about this article in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you.


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